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St Joseph's Parish, Stanthorpe

Parish Office

Parish Office: 114 High Street, Stanthorpe 4380
Office Telephone: (07) 4681 2157
Fax: (07) 4681 4107
Parish Clergy: Fr Brian Connolly - Parish Priest
Care & Concern 07 4681 2157
Knights of the Southern Cross 07 4681 2157
St Vincent de Paul Society 07 4681 1996

Parish History

1874-79 Foundation as a parish
1875 Sisters of mercy
1923 St Joseph?s Church opened
1923 St Vincent de Paul began
1940 High School
1945-60 Dean Skelly, Hatian Choir, Dean O?Donnell, St Joseph?s Festa, Post-war Italian Migration, Development of Fruit Industry
1960-70 New Presbytery (1963), Ordination of J Bathersby, J Ryan, Planned Giving, Vatican II, Pastoral Sisters
1975 Centenary of the Sisters of Mercy
1980 Apple and Grape Festival, Parish Council established, Church refurbished (Fr Kattie)
1980-90 Dante Alligheri Soc. Formed, Mercy House purchased, Special Ministers Eucharist
1990 – 2000 Pastoral Associates ( Sr Patrica 90-92, Sr Esther 97, Sr Elizabeth, Sr Scholastica), Children’s Liturgy, School Extensions
2000 125 years of St Joseph?s
2001-3 Net Youth Ministry
2003 – Farewell Fr Lino Valente
2003 – Fr Brian Connolly PP

Churches and Mass Times

St Joseph’s Church, Stanthorpe

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  • Mass and Service Times:

    Saturday 6:30pm Vigil Mass
    Sunday 8:30am Mass
    Monday 7:00am Mass
    Tuesday 7:00am Mass
    Wednesday 11:45am Mass
    Thursday 9:15am Mass
    Friday 5:30pm Mass
    Saturday 7:00am Mass

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