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St Mary's Parish, Goondiwindi

Parish Office

Parish Office: 69 Callandoon Street, Goondiwindi
Postal Address: PO Box 45, Goondiwindi 4390
Office Telephone: 07 46715087 or 0422 308 955
Parish Clergy: Fr Hermi Rafada, Administrator
Parish Contact Kathryn Gore 0427 771 478
Pastoral Council Pat Thompson 07 4671 0881
Liturgy Coordinator and Sacramental Team Camille Kelloway 07 4671 2454
Finance Committee and St Mary’s Ladies Guild Mary Collins 07 4671 2288
Mass Time Enquiries Mary Collins 07 4671 2288

Parish History

Our parish forbearers were a pioneer people managing the hard work and isolation with courage and generosity. They cleared rough bush and endured harsh climatic conditions with little or no water. Churches were built with volunteer labour and funds raised locally – Stories are still told of people carting timber etc. The Catholic education of their children was top priority. Role models were clergy, religious, family.

Goondiwindi today is a vibrant caring friendly and sports loving community of rich farming lands and rural business, this plus the meeting of five major highways – like spokes flowing into the hub of a wheel – makes us a prosperous community with many and varied social/community events such as Anzac Day, Spring Festival and Picnic Races to name a few. However we are yet to address the issue of our indigenous sisters and brothers.

Our church culture reflects these traits. There is a strong Ecumenical spirit with events such as Festivals and Church services. We have a small Filipino group that bring their Culture and colour to our lives. We strive to witness to gospel values where all are encouraged to work with the wider community whilst endeavouring to make sense of the secular and sacred in our every day life.

Churches and Mass Times

St Mary’s Church, Goondiwindi