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Sacred Heart Parish, Wilsonton

Parish Office

Parish Office: 302 North Street, Toowoomba
Office Telephone: (07) 4634 8488
Fax: (07) 4635 57
Parish Clergy: Fr Roque Maguinsay PACEM
Parish Coordinator Russell Belz 07 4634 4180
All Seasons Function Centre Neville Siebenhausen 07 4634 4419

Parish History

We thank Almighty God for the Great Gifts and Blessings that have come to us at Sacred Heart Parish over the years. Blessed with the honour of the name – Sacred Heart, always there has been a focusing in our Parish Journey on the call from the Heart of Christ to “Love one another as I have loved you”.

We selected three areas of our journey that summarize who we are and how we live as community:-

(1) A Eucharistic Centred Spirituality is the basis of all our Faith growth and formation. Adult Faith Education has been uppermost in our journey. Highlights have been:- 1) Fr. Michael Ross SDB, D. Theology (Ireland) – two weeks preparation for Jubilee-300 each evening. 2) Fr. Bob Rousseau USA – LITE -two days “Life in the Eucharistic” Seminar. Our LITE Team-now conducts seminars in the Diocese 3) Fr. Ivanhoe Allies (South Africa) D. Theology. 4) “CaFE” – UK Evangelisation Production, conducted a training weekend at Sacred Heart in 2003. Our Parish Cafe Team has held 17 sessions at Sacred Heart in the past eight months – 150 people took part. The Parish has had 24 hours of continuous Eucharistic Adoration weekly for many years.- 70 people involved. The Charismatic Team formed five years ago conducts a very popular evening of prayer and praise every week

(2) Mission of “Reaching Out”. The thrust of our Pastoral endeavours has been reaching out beyond our Parish. The 2001 opening of our “Catholic Centre” Shop, in the Wilsonton Shopping Centre – our “Mission in the market place” – a great investment – staffed by volunteers, has dramatically changed our life. It is really “the hub” of our Parish life, all sacrament interviews are conducted there etc. Many more people now have hands on experience of “being Church”, being responsible in the Church’s mission. Through the Legion of Mary, St Vincent de Paul, Schoenstatt Groups, Passionist Family Groups, our ecumenical Bowls Club, our Catechists – teaching in five primary and one secondary school, and RCIA we share, meet, welcome and evangelise. At Sacred Heart Primary School we focus on Jesus Christ. In reaching out to the students the teachers endeavour to empower our students with a code of behaviour which is based on Catholic moral principles and the teaching of the Gospel. Students and teachers strive for excellence in their learning and teaching and parents involvement is encouraged and practised through shared wisdom and collaborative decision making.

(3) Mission to Local Multicultural and Overseas Missions. Highlights last year:- A Dinner Dance was held – “Out of Africa” Evening – 180 Sudanese people were our guests – sampled their music etc. a great night. Also many Philippino families involved here and Vietnamese families. OVERSEAS MISSIONS -we are currently funding seven overseas missions in – Africa (Kenya, Guinea, Sudan), India, South America (Columbia), East Timor etc., and have regular communication with them. Annually we fund the NET Apostolate.

(4) OUR FUTURE – To lead our community to be strong in formation and knowledge of our Catholic Faith, to develop and own a great sense of Mission and Evangelisation, to be active in promoting vocations to the Priesthood, and to share responsibility of leadership with the Priests in the Church of our future.

Churches and Mass Times

Sacred Heart Church

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  • Mass and Service Times:

    Sacred Heart Church Sunday 9:00am Mass
    Sacred Heart Church Sunday 5:30pm Mass
    Sacred Heart Church Monday 6:30am Mass
    Sacred Heart Church Tuesday 6:30am Mass
    Sacred Heart Church Tuesday 12:10pm Mass
    Sacred Heart Church Wednesday 6:30am Mass
    Sacred Heart Church Thursday 6:30am Mass
    Sacred Heart Church Thusday - during School Term 8:40am Mass
    Sacred Heart Church Friday 6:30am Mass
    Sacred Heart Church Saturday 8:30am Mass
    Sacred Heart Church Saturday 6:00pm Vigil Mass

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