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Coronavirus Response & Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic presents many challenges to how we function as a society and how we gather and worship as Catholics. In light of the public health crisis we face, it is vital to protect the health of our parishioners, clergy, staff and the community at large.

Sunday Mass (9:00am) will continue to be live streamed from St Patrick’s Cathedral Toowoomba.


The Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba is constantly monitoring the Public Health Directions issued by Queensland Health to ensure compliance with the latest applicable Direction. Check in Qld QR codes are available at all Diocesan facilities.

Parishes are to comply with the COVID Safe Checklist for Restricted Busnesses.

The James Byrne Centre is open with a Queensland Government Accomodation Health Management Plan in place.

Sychar House of Prayer and Spirituality has reopened with a COVID Safe Plan in place. Sychar is offering in-person workshops and groups with limited attendance, however many of these events also have an option to join online via Zoom. See the Sychar page for further details of upcoming events and how to register. 

Special Religious Development (SPRED) please contact their office by email or  phone  07 4632 8427, Monday to Thursday between 9am & 3.30pm to check the status of integrated sessions.

Parents and students should contact the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office or their school for relevant COVID updates.

CatholicCare Social Services,  St Vincent’s Private Hospital Toowoomba and St Vincent Care Services Toowoomba will issue their own COVID updates that effect their services.