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Toowoomba Church History

Our Diocesan Pastoral Plan June 2018– June 2023 was launched at St Patrick’s Cathedral by Bishop Robert McGuckin. The Diocesan Pastoral Plan and accompanying Diocesan Action Plan is the outcome of a process of consultation, analysis and facilitated conversation which started early 2017.

The Diocesan Statement is “Nurturing welcoming communities from the Range to the Borders where God’s mercy, love and the joy of the Gospel are experience, celebrated and shared”.

There are 6 Key Pastoral Directions covered in the Diocesan Pastoral Plan: Family Engagement; Spiritual Development; Parish Leadership; Liturgy; Creating a Safe and Welcoming Church; Social Justice.  The Diocesan Action Plan expands on these Pastoral Directions by outlining actionable strategies that diocesan ministries and councils as well as parishes and parish councils can achieve.

The Plan will be revisited in 2023.