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SCAM ALERT: Email Posing as Bishop Ken Howell and Clergy of the Toowoomba Diocese

The Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba has learned of a fresh email scam involving a Gmail account posing as Bishop Ken Howell and at least one other member of the Toowoomba Clergy.

Examples of scam email:

Greetings, are you available to discuss via email now?
I will await your reply.
God Bless,
Bishop Ken Howell 


Greetings, are you free to meet me now? I will await your reply.
Bishop Ken Howell

Upon responding to this email a scammer will ask you to purchase gift cards. These gift cards may be promised as presents to staff or be required for an emergency, all while asking for confidentiality and urgency.

The Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba, Bishop Ken Howell and Diocesan Clergy have absolutely no involvement with these fraudulent emails and will NEVER ASK FOR GIFT CARDS OR GET YOU TO RESPOND TO A REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE IN THIS WAY.

Do not respond to these emails or communicate with the sender, and do not provide the sender with any personal or financial information. Report as phishing and delete immediately.

If you receive suspicious email solicitations, please contact your parish office or the Diocesan Office on 07 4632 7589.