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St Joseph's Parish, Helidon

Parish Office

Parish Office: 35 Gunn Street, Helidon
Postal Address: PO Box 38, Helidon 4344
Office Telephone: (07) 4697 6221
Parish Clergy: Fr Peter Schultz - Priest Director. Fr Mick McClure - Retired Priest in Residence.
Parish Secretary Shelby Henderson 07 4697 6221
Pastoral Coordinator Bill Allen 4697 6221
Pastoral Council Paul Harrington 07 4697 6264
St Vincent de Paul Mary Allen 4697 6221
Parish Centre Our centre is available for hire. It seats up to 60 people in a lovely country setting. The cost is very competitive. For further details, please contact the Parish secretary.

Parish History

Church, School, Convent and Presbytery at Helidon

In 1912 a cyclonic hailstorm destroyed church, convent and school.  A new site was purchased by Archbishop Robert Dunne.  Under Father Daniel Walsh, Gatton, the Foundation Stone for the Church was laid in March, 1914, by Archbishop James Duhig, with the blessing and opening in September 1914.

The school was opened on 1st August 1915, the Convent on 21st May 1916 and the Presbytery in December 1916.

Heldon Parish was established in 1915

Fr Albert George Clark was our first Parish Priest.  In 1942 the boundary between Toowoomba Diocese (established in 1929) and Brisbane Archdiocese was altered to a line just east of Grantham.  Fr Joe Skelly of Toowoomba Diocese then became its Parish Priest.  After him as Parish Priests came Fr Reg Prior, Fr Bob Flynn, Fr Ralph Underwood and Fr John Ryan.

Withcott Church built in 1991

Local builders and parishioners constructed the Holy Family Church in Rutherford Road on donated land.  Fr John Ryan, Parish Priest, assisted Bishop Edward Kelly at the Blessing and Opening Ceremony on 28th July 1991.

Parish Centre established in 1994

Due to lack of student numbers, the Convent Primary School was closed in 1963.  The school building was moved to its present site in 1994, renovated and named the Father John Ryan Parish Centre.  It is available for hire and has also been recently renovated, both interior and exterior.

Helidon Parish Area

The parish has many farming and residential areas:  Spring Bluff, Murphys Creek, Lockyer, Withcott, Iredale, Derrymore, Blanchview, Helidon, Carpendale, Flastone Creek, Stockyard Creek, Rockmount and Grantham.

Churches and Mass Times

Holy Family Church, Withcott

St Joseph’s Church, Helidon