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St Francis de Sales' Parish, Millmerran

Parish Office

Parish Office: "Penola House" 31 Walpole Street, Millmerran
Postal Address: PO Box 26, Millmerran 4357
Office Telephone: (07) 4695 1462
Parish Clergy: Fr Thomas Areekuzhy mcbs, Priest Director

Parish History

The Millmerran Parish in 1938 was established out of the sprawling Warwick Parish which had tended the district for over 60 years through the vast and wealthy Yandilla Station to the small battling landholders of the early 1900’s. The first church was built in Millmerran in 1903. Fathers Horan, Potter, Garrett Murphy, and Michael fed the faith of parishioners with three-monthly visits to the country Mass Stations. Cecil Plains grew from Dalby, and proudly prayed in their Our Lady of Lourdes brick church from 1930. Since 1938 the congregations of Cecil Plains and Millmerran have been served by Fathers L O’Donohue, L. Schuhkraft, J. Sinnott, T. Isaac, P. Hall, T. Hanlon, M. Ziezing, and R. Johnson. The long service of Father Schuhkraft (1948-1976) saw the great building period of church, hall and school.

The culture and traditions of the Parish were established by the social answers to the religious worship needs. A funeral? “They will need a meal.” Whether a Baptism, a dance, a Ball, a First Holy Communion: the socializing and catering and innumerable working bees built in the end St. Francis de Sales Church, the Cecil Plains Church Hall, and St. Joseph’s School which the Josephites were invited to open in 1959. The social occasion was at the core of our Parish community: getting together in both centres, to work, to play, to celebrate, to dine, and getting together at Mass to feed the faith of the Parish family.

The challenges for the Millmerran communities are many, but we have our families and our faith. The gift of faith was immense when Mass was offered three-monthly, when participation and communication was difficult, and education hard to gain. The local initiative displayed in transporting the old church building to make way . for the new one, 50 years ago, is still alive. Our modern congregation has the hope to build on our family faith with the added abundant resources now available in our Diocese.

Churches and Mass Times

St Francis de Sales’ Church, Millmerran