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Our Lady of the Southern Cross Parish, Inglewood

Parish Office

Parish Office: 46 George Street, Inglewood
Postal Address: PO Box 73, Inglewood 4387
Office Telephone: (07) 4652 1488
Parish Clergy: Fr Sean Lynskey - Administrator
Inglewood Community Eunice Johnstone 07 4652 1488
Yelarbon Community John Lennon 07 4652 1201
St Vincent de Paul Shirley Malloy (Warwick) 07 4652 2356

Parish History

In 2001 the Golden Jubilee of our Parish and School was a time to return, reflect, remember and rejoice in all that had been for the past fifty years. Over four hundred people gathered to celebrate their connection with the Parish, both individually and collectively.

Our Parish has been blessed with a rich and diverse multicultural community. The 1960’s are remembered for the growth in population with many Italian families settling along the Macintyre Brook to grow tobacco.

The patron saint chosen for the opening of the school in 1951 was the young Italian girl of twelve years, Maria Goretti, who had been canonised in Rome the previous year. It would have been a popular choice, given the large number of Italian families whose children attended the school.

Our statue “Our Lady of the Southern Cross,” was carved by Dominic Cremasco, the son of Italian migrants who settled in Inglewood in 1946. Dominic departed for America the following year to study for the priesthood with the Divine Word Missionary Order. During his Years in America Dominic cut down a maple tree in Michigan and began carving the statue which, when completed, he presented to his family’s parish church in Inglewood.

“The statue would have to be unique, and at the same time bear a pertinent and real relation to Australia,” he said.

In the words of our Most Reverend William M. Morris, “Inglewood has stood proud through very good and very hard times. The love and dedication that has been significant in their Parish story is testament to God’s Spirit living amongst us all.”

1875 Fr Davadi of Stanthorpe visits Inglewood
1900 Fr John Healy P.P. Goondiwindi visits Inglewood
1901 St Patrick’s Church opened in Inglewood
1938 St Theresa’s Church opened in Yelarbon
1949 Fr Vincent Maher appointed as P.P. of Inglewood/Yelarbon
1951 Srs of St Joseph open St Maria Goretti School
1954 Fr Lino Valente ordained
1957 Fr Syd Kattie appointed as P.P.
1962 Our Lady of the Southern Cross Church opened
1969 Fr O’Donohue appointed as P.P.
1970 Fr Thomas Murphy appointed as P.P.
1990 Fr Brian Connolly appointed as P.P.
1995 St Maria Goretti School refurbished with major renovations
1997 The Parish Council elected
2001 Golden Jubilee of Parish & School celebrated
2002 Fr Lino Valente appointed Priest in Residence
2004 Diocesan 75th Jubilee Celebrated

Churches and Mass Times

St Theresa’s Church, Yelarbon

Our Lady of the Southern Cross Church, Inglewood