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Social Justice Commission

Contact Person: Dr David Tutty
Office Location: St Patrick's Cathedral Centre, 123 Neil Street, Toowoomba
Postal Address: PO Box 1262, Toowoomba QLD 4350
Phone: 07 4613 0895

Our Commission was established in 2002 as a key direction in the Diocesan Pastoral Plan – “embracing action for Social Justice”.  Five aspects to our work are:  spirituality, education, leadership, solidarity and research.  In partnership with those affected by injustice the Commission works to analyse issues and reflectively advocate for action.  The Commission is grounded in Catholic Social Teaching.  Our current priorities are:  justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, caring for the environment and support and advocacy for refugees.   We work to promote human rights and our actions are informed by the dignity of the human person.

History & Formation of the Toowoomba Social Justice Commission

The Social Justice Commission is part of the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba. It was established in 2002 by Bishop William Morris, as part of the Diocese’s commitment to action for social justice. It has ten members and answers directly to the Bishop of Toowoomba. The Social Justice Commission has several functions:

  • Spirituality: promoting a spirituality of justice
  • Study: researching and analysing particular issues of injustice
  • Solidarity: building links with those marginalised through injustice
  • Education: educating the faith community for action
  • Leadership: providing leadership in action for justice

Our current policy priorities are justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; support for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants; and caring for the environment.