The Catholic Church in South West Queensland LIVE STREAM MASS (WHEN AVAILABLE)

St Theresa’s Church, Toowoomba

Contact Information

Church Address: 55 Curzon Street, Toowoomba
Postal Address: 55 Curzon St Toowoomba
Telephone: (07) 4639 4688
Clergy: Fr Brian Noonan, Parish Priest
Pastoral Leader: Monica Brennan, Pastoral Associate
Primary School: Mater Dei Primary School

Mass Times

COVIDSafe Plan has been approved by Bishop Robert McGuckin. St Theresa's Church will remain closed at this time until retrictions lift further.
Mass from St Theresa's is available via YouTube (Wednesday @ 9:30m) and Facebook (Wednesday @ 9:00am).
Please contact the parish office for further details.

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St Theresa's Parish, Toowoomba East