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Tribunal Office

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Location: Marian Centre, 68 Lindsay Street, Toowoomba
Postal Address: PO Box 206, Toowoomba 4350
Telephone: 07 4632 7443
Fax: 07 4638 0034
Office Hours: Monday and Friday 9am to 5pm
Tuesday to Thursday 8am to 5pm
Contact/s: Fr Peter Schultz - Canon Lawyer
Mrs Theresa Harvey - Administration Support



All societies and communities have rules and laws that govern the relationships within that community or society.? Sometimes these rules, particularly in small groups are unwritten but still known.? Larger communities usually have written laws and tribunals or court who interpret and apply the laws.

The Catholic Church has a body of law that we call Canon Law.? Much of this law is found in the two Codes of Canon Law, for the Latin and the Eastern Churches; there are other sources of Law but the two Codes are the foundational law of the Church.? The Code of Canon Law of the Latin Church was promulgated by Pope John Paul II on 25 January 1983.? The Responsibility for ensuring the law is properly and justly administered resides with the local Bishop who is the chief judge of his diocese.? To assist him in this ministry the Bishop establishes a Tribunal, staffed by people appropriately trained in Canon Law or, at least, some specific elements of Canon Law.

The Tribunal is responsible, under the Bishop, to ensure that the rights of all the faithful are respected and that their obligations are observed.

One of the Tribunal’s works is to determine cases of marital nullity, this sometimes sees the Tribunal wrongly referred to as “the Marriage Tribunal” when, in fact it responsibilities are much broader.

In Australia the Diocesan Tribunals work as inter-diocesan Tribunals; that is Tribunals function in many cases in association with each other.? The Toowoomba Tribunal is one Tribunal in the Queensland Tribunal and co-operates with Tribunals of the other four dioceses.

The staff of the Toowoomba Diocesan Tribunal is always ready to assist the people of the diocese with any canonical questions.? A brochure is also available by clicking here.


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